Hello, and welcome to my efolio. My name is Nicholas Schall and I am an alumni psychology major of Holy Cross College in Notre Dame, Indiana. I chose "An Unexpected Journey" for the theme of my efolio because much of my Holy Cross experience was very unexpected. I never expected to attend Holy Cross. Once I got to Holy Cross, I did not expect to stay. Once I decided to stay, Holy Cross began to shape me in unexpected ways.

I have always had a passion for helping others, even as a child. After taking Introduction to Psychology and Abnormal Psychology classes, it became clear to me that I wanted to use psychology to help people and I declared my major. Looking back on my time at Holy Cross, I realized that great experiences just fell into my lap, and those experiences helped me to discern my vocation. It seems like every semester at Holy Cross, I had a meaningful experience that helped me get a little bit closer to finding my vocation. I couldn't have planned the experiences or the timing of those experiences any better if I had tried.

There are a lot of great things about a Holy Cross education. For one, Holy Cross strongly believes that experience matters. I love that because while classroom knowledge is obviously important, it gains a lot of meaning when a student can apply that knowledge to the real world. Without the experiential learning courses at Holy Cross, I do not know how I would have found my vocation. Holy Cross also believes in educating the heart as well as the mind. I think this is hugely important in education. Ethics and morals are very important in any field, especially psychology, and many schools teach ethics and morals, but at Holy Cross, educating the heart is more than just morals. Holy Cross teaches about having compassion for others and stresses the importance of service. I am determined to do the most good that I can. Holy Cross has given me the competence to see, and the courage to act.

To find out more about my Holy Cross experience, please navigate through the tabs on the left side of the page. Thank you for taking time to look through my efolio. Please contact me with any questions. Enjoy!